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The Ultimate 1 Week Medellin Itinerary

Looking to travel to Medellin Colombia & don’t know what to do, I have the perfect itinerary to help guide you around Medellin for 1 week!

(This itinerary is based off of my most recent trip to Medellin.)

Medellin Colombia is otherwise known as “the City of Eternal Spring” due to its temperate weather and very famous flower festival that takes place annually.

Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia, following Bogota. This city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and gorgeous landscapes!

If you are anything like me and love food, Colombia in general has some of the best foods you will ever taste; if you’re traveling to Medellin, then you’re in luck because you’re entering the creator of the famous Colombian dish, Bandeja Paisa.

Medellin has so many sights to see & places to visit that it can be overwhelming.

So let’s just jump right in!

*Disclaimer: Visiting Medellin is not a relaxing on the beach type of trip, this is a no sleep get up an go type of trip!

Day 1: Arriving in Medellin & Salsa Concert

Arriving in Medellin.

When arriving to Medellin, you will be flying into the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport. This airport if filled with so many souvenirs but they’re super pricey, so think twice before purchasing anything from this airport. I will share a couple of places towards the end where you can find real souvenirs from locals that are very inexpensive.

When making your way out of the airport you want to make sure that you have a cab/taxi ready for you waiting to be off on your way. I recommend the bigger white taxis (almost van looking) as they’re more spacious and comfortable. I highly recommend that you find someone ahead of time who may be bilingual (if you do not speak Spanish) like a tour guide, and have the destination that you are going to ready for your taxi driver.

Recommendations on where to stay!

When my friends and I traveled to Medellin, we stayed at The Garden Of Eden Penthouse in Poblado through AirBnB. The total cost for the penthouse was a little under $1,200 for a week, which was split between 6 people. That made each persons stay around $200 for a week which is insane!!! Here in Florida a nice hotel could be $300 a night, so $200 for a week in a luxury penthouse, right in the heart of the city was a steal! I will link the airbnb we stayed at below so you can get an idea of what you can get in Medellin for how inexpensive it is.

Link to Penthouse: Garden of Eden Penthouse

On day one of my friends and I visiting Medellin we arrived at our airbnb and unpacked, drank coffee (of course) and were off to explore. We started off by visiting a local restaurant called Fogon & Lena. This restaurant is small & local yet serves some of the best bandeja paisa’s you will eat. If you visit, you definitely have to stop by.

The first night we went to the Plaza De Toros for the Medellin All Stars Concert to see a whole bunch of salseros. We had so much fun our fist night! I highly recommend researching what famous artist may be performing around the time you are planning to visit Medellin, only because you can get a cheap ticket price to see the artist there and enjoy it by paying almost nothing! Our tickets were $50 USD whereas a concert to see the artists who we saw here in Miami would’ve been $150 USD plus!

Day 2: Parque Arvi & Pueblo Paisa

Parque Arvi is a beautiful nature park with trails and gorgeous landscapes. The coolest part about visiting Parque Arvi is getting there. To get to Parque Arvi you have to travel on Medellin’s Metro Cable which is the coolest experience ever! If you are afraid of heights, you may want to close your eyes on this ride uphill. You will be up high in the air, traveling above the city witnessing some of the most amazing views.

Using the Metro cables and visiting Parque Arvi is a must & definitely a unique experience as that is one form of transportation the people in Medellin use.

Pueblo Paisa is a cute little town filled with tons of souvenir shops and gorgeous views. Aside from Pueblo Paisa you can find El Mirador, where you get an extraordinary view of the city!!!

Day 3: ATV Riding in the Mountains & Paint-balling

If you have ever been ATV riding you know how fun it is, but take it up a notch by ATV riding in the mountains! This has got to be one of the funnest days I had in Medellin. ATV riding is so much, just be sure to pack an extra set of clothes as you will get muddy. Aside form ATV riding being fun, the views you witness and just the experience of being in the mountains is breath taking!

After ATV riding take a trip to go paint-balling. Be sure to dress properly with extra layers of clothing in case you get struck by a paintball. If you want more of a Colombian experience. You can book a trip to paintball at one of Pablo Escobars old mansions. The experience is crazy and definitely one that I recommend!

Day 4: Guatape & La Piedra Del Penon

Guatape is a town in Medellin, about two hours away from the city. This town is the most colorful town home to some of the nicest people. This town has a bunch of souvenir shops that you can find some great souvenirs to take back home! Guatape is filled with so much fun. This is the holiday town of Medellin, a nice place to get away from all the city hassle. In Guatape you can also kayak, jetski and rent a boat to enjoy in Guatape's beautiful water!

Guatape is also home to a massive rock that you can walk up called the Piedra de Penol or El Peñon de Guatape. Be sure to have your walking shoes on and to have gotten some good rest the day before as this is a major workout! This rock has 650 steps you’ll have to climb that will lead you to one of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see!

Day 5: Comuna 13 & Parque Lleras

When visiting Medellin you have to be sure to visit Comuna 13 as Comuna 13 is known for its street art - there is much more to this neighborhood then just its great picture perfect spots. Comuna 13 was considered the most dangerous areas in Medellin, probably the most dangerous city in the world. No one would step foot there, however over the past couple years Comuna 13 has had a transformation where this comuna is no longer known for its violence and trafficking.

In Comuna 13, you will find a lot of graffiti that tells stories and street performances. There are also escalators that make going up hill much easier. Be sure to go in a group and a trusted tour guide when visiting as there are still some misconceptions about comuna 13.

At night have some fun and go out dancing and bar hoping around Parque Lleras. Parque Lleras is a known strip of clubs and bars filled with lots of fun and great music!

Day 6: Horse Back Riding in the Mountains

If you’re a fan of horses and want an amazing experience, you can go horse back riding in the mountains. This takes about 5 hours to complete so be sure to have the proper gear on, comfy shoes and lots of water! Horses & mountains oh my, the ultimate experience!

Day 7: Back Home!

These are just a few of the many things to do and see when traveling to Medellin. Medellin is full of culture, amazing food and wonderful people. Colombia is a beautiful place to travel to as it is gorgeous and very inexpensive. I highly recommend traveling to Medellin as it will be a culture shock too many.

I feel like so many people have this stigma of Colombia being filled with violence and drug cartels because so many people associate Colombia with Pablo Escobar, but Colombia is nothing like what you imagine it to be. Colombia is breath taking and one of my favorite place to travel to, as I have been numerous times.

Be sure to add Colombia to your next destination to travel to as you will not regret it!

Watch My Trip To MDE, COL🇨🇴

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