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How to CURL HAIR with a curling wand!

We all have seen those beautiful, soft and effortless curls and wondered how to achieve them. Luck for you, I am here to tell & show you how!

What You'll Need

First you need a curling wand. The want I use is the NuMe Classic Curling Wand. The Classic Curling Wand is made with a 100 percent tourmaline ceramic barrel with far infrared heat technology that naturally emits negative ions to combat frizz and add shine every single use. 

Next, is figuring out the barrel size

This wand comes in three different sizes:

19mm - tight curls

25mm - glam curls

32mm - beach waves

The wand I use and prefer is the 25mm, it’s right in the middle therefore you can achieve effortless, glam or even loose curls if you wanted!

Curling time:

Section your hair into small sections and clip up. Be sure to have sprayed a heat protectant on your hand and use the glove that comes with the wand to prevent any burns.

Gather a medium section, (1”) of hair and wrap your hair around the wand.

I like to wrap my hair outwards (twisting away from the scalp). I like to leave the hair on the barrel for 10-15 seconds. Before dropping the curl, be sure to hold the curl and push it upwards for a few seconds to let cool. This keeps the curl shape in place, better yet, if you want your curls to last a long time, clip them up with small clips close the the scalp while the curls completely cool down for longer lasting results!

The next section of hair, I like the wand inward (into the scalp), I like to make sure the curls I wand are opposite of each other because it avoids the curls wrapping into each other and looks a lot more natural. Normal curls do not all go in the same direction.

With every section of hair I complete, I spritz hairspray on them and throw the curls to the back.

I continue repeating these steps throughout my entire hair. PS, I always curl the sections of hair that are closest to my face away from my face (outwards), it looks so much better outwards then curling into your face!

Once all of the hair is completely curled, I take my fingers and gently run them through my hair to loosen the curls up making them look a lot softer. I also flip my hair and shake it at the roots to add extra volume. After I reach my desired amount of volume and look, I will finish my hair off with some hairspray.

Once that has been completed you will be looking beautiful!

For all of my followers, NuMe has sent me a 25% off code: JAMARALY25 when you purchase any item off of their site: www.numeusa.com

Be sure to take advantage of the great deal!

I hope to see all of your beautiful curls soon. DM me pictures if you'd like, I would love to see you recreate this look.


Watch My "How To Get Soft Effortless Curls" YT Video Below:

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