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How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Skincare is essential for a good makeup look. For makeup application requires makeup brushes, which are probably the most bacteria filled product you can use on your face if not cleaned often & properly. (I should know as I learned the hard way...)

Acne can be stubborn, annoying and make you self conscious. What I learned throughout my skincare journey is that having a clear canvas (meaning your face/skin) to work with makes your makeup look 100x more flawless! This stems from what you eat, your health & most importantly makeup brushes as that is what you use to apply your makeup with.

If your makeup brushes are not cleaned as often as 1/2 weeks bacteria can build up and cause breakouts and irritate your skin. It is very important to ensure that you clean your makeup brushes as often as you can to prevent breakouts.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Products Needed:

These two products are amazing. The baby shampoo helps remove the bacteria and cleans off the makeup from the brushes completely. The baby shampoo will not irritate the skin as it is great for those with sensitive skin. The silicone makeup brush cleaner mat allows for a thorough clean; it helps removing all the excess makeup that has sunken to the lower part of the makeup bristles and is gentle on your brush bristles since the mat is silicone material. This pair I call are the "Makeup Brush Cleaner Dynamic Duo."

To Clean:

  1. Take the silicone makeup brush mat and rinse

  2. Squirt a dime size of baby shampoo onto the mat

  3. Take your dirty makeup brush and swirl the brush along the silicone mat until it is completely clean and rid of makeup product

  4. Rinse baby shampoo off makeup brush & set aside to dry

  5. Rinse silicone mat

  6. Repeat process until you complete all makeup brushes & they're all clean!

*Another alternative to clean your makeup brushes if you do not have baby shampoo or cannot purchase it, extra virgin olive oil & Dawn dishwasher soap are great to clean your brushes with as well*

I hope you found this blog well & I shared some helpful tips with you. Get to cleaning those makeup brushes before the dirty makeup cooties come for ya face...

Watch How I Clean My Makeup Brushes Below:

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