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How I Plan My Outfits & Stay Organized for Any Trip!

I am very OCD especially when it comes to planning a trip and outfits for one. This may sounds crazy, but my google drive is filled with little folders that are categorized with the destination I will be traveling to. Within each of the folders, I have other folders titled, “itinerary”, “tickets” and “outfits.” This is what helps me stay so organized during every trip I take.

I love having these folders and segments within each of them because I rely on them throughout my whole trip. Traveling can be stressful but why not make it fun with fashion & organization!

Pinterest has become my most used social platform believe it or not. I am constantly looking for inspiration. When it comes to travel, I will search Pinterest of the destination I will be traveling to, and view the many images of others who traveled to that same destination. I even have boards on my Pinterest labeled for the destination I will be traveling to with images I want to recreate.

For example, I had traveled to Cancun Mexico July of 2019. I made sure the first thing I did was create my itinerary. Once my itinerary was laid out and detailed..and I mean (from going to the airport, once we landed, daily excursions and back home), I then planned my outfits accordingly. I knew that one of the days we would be going to Chichen Itza, (one of the 7 wonders of the world) so I searched on Pinterest "Chichen Itza", found women who took very beautiful pictures at that location, and found a photo that I wanted to recreate…& I mean totally recreate from the outfit to the picture!

I do this for every trip I go on, it is one of my favorite things about planning a trip!

(My pictures are on the left and right, thanks to @tara._ for the inspiration from her beautiful photo in the middle)

This allows me to be extra prepared, knowing that I have an outfit for every excursion avoids any wardrobe disasters from happening!

I also keep a photo album on my phone that contain pictures of me with my outfits on so I know exactly what shirt goes with what bottom and so forth.

Doing this has helped me be so prepared and stress free. It also makes my trip fun before the actual trip!

I highly recommend trying these tips & tricks to help alleviate travel stress and encourage you to have fun and be creative while planning for your next destination!

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