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AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS - Picking a Niche, How To Sign Up & Building Your Audience

Affiliate Marketing 101

I had received a lot of positive feedback from my previous video & blog on “3 ways to make money from home in 2020”, so I figured it would be a great idea to make the next three blogs on each individual business model mentioned. I want you all to really understand each of these business models to be able to succeed in them.

The topic of this blog will be Affiliate Marketing where I will discuss:

  1. Picking a niche: how affiliate marketing works & discussing the business model so you are aware of how people generate money from affiliate marketing.

  2. How to sign up for affiliate networks & what to expect when signing up.

  3. How to build your audience & what platforms are best to use when affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are unaware of what affiliate marketing is, Affiliate marketing is the art of selling/promoting other peoples products and getting compensated for it. It is one of the best and easiest business models to get started on making money online.

Picking A Niche

Before starting anything, it is super important to know what your niche is. A niche is specifying what audience you will be markeitng to based on your product or service you will be selling & discussing. It is very important to know what your niche will be, whether it is travel, sports, beauty, fashion or business because when you pick a niche you will attract and grow your audience much faster than if you were discussing numerous topics.

For example, who do you think makes more money? A general surgeon or a neurologist? Most likely the neurologist. Why? Because he is a specialist and focuses on only neurology; this means he can charge more for his services and will be sent only neurology patients.

So before you begin, remember to pick your niche and make sure you are passionate about it; like that you will never get tired of talking about it.

⭐️Business Model

The following infographic shows a great explanation of how affiliate marketing works.

To really understand the business model of affiliate marketing I will break down this graphic in easier terms for you to understand:


  1. The affiliate (you), after getting approved with an affiliate program will showcase or promote the merchants item on your website or social media platform.

  2. A customer will click on the affiliate link, the link you would have promoted and there will be a cookie dropped onto the customers browser (its like a tracker that helps tell the merchant someone clicked your link)

  3. If you sold the customer, the customer would make a purchase & you will make commission (however much the affiliate program pays out) once that purchase was made and confirmed.

This business model if followed and executed correctly, is how people can make passive income online and eventually generate an amazing income from affiliate marketing.

Signing Up for Affiliate Programs

Now after you have picked your niche, it is now time to start signing up for affiliate programs. This part is super easy but can be a long process.

Now to sign up for affiliate programs, all you have to do is head over to your google browser and type in the company or business you would like to become an affiliate for and then add “affiliate program: to the end of the phrase. Hit search and if the business has an affiliate program it usually is always the first link to pop up on google.

For Example:

You will want to click on the affiliate program link, read through the directions and what the program has to offer and pays out to its affiliates.

It is important to read through each affiliate programs’ details because that is where you will find how much you will get payed for each purchase made from your links and the rules and regulations for that specific program.

⭐️What To Expect

Now after finding the affiliate program sign up page, here is what you should expect to answer or state before the approval process.

  1. Personal information. Obviously, like anything you sign up for it is required to give your personal information. They need that information on file to distinguish who you are.

  2. Social Media Platforms & where you will be promoting their links: This is where you will have to summarize and link your social media account you will be using the most to promote their links and items you’re promoting. This is so that the business knows you will actually be promoting the products and not just signing up for nothing. So be sure that your social media is presentable because the affiliate programs will be taking a look at them.

  3. Tax and bank information: This is because if you do get approved, the information given is how you will get payed.

These three things are what you should expect to fill out when signing up to any affiliate program before getting approved.

Now after you are finished with the sign up process, you usually get an email stating that the company is reviewing everything and will contact you back on whether or not you are approved for their affiliate program. This part could take a while (weeks or so) or could take a couple of days.

Building Your Audience

So now you have found your niche, signed up for your affiliate programs and were approved! YAY!!! Now it is time to build your audience. When it comes to affiliate marketing, building and having an audience is very powerful and can really make or break your success. As said a million times before, affiliate marketing will not make you money overnight; to really become successful at affiliate marketing you have to build an audience that knows, likes and trusts you as a person. Affiliate marketing is selling a product that you truly believe in and recommending it to your followers in hope they will make a purchase.

⭐️How to Build Your Audience

To build an audience and not just any audience, but a strong one, you have to focus solely on your niche. When focusing on one niche that you are passionate about you will grow fast. Why? When focusing on one topic that you are passionate about, you are targeting a specific audience that are interested in what you post and will want to see more. You will be an authority figure in their eyes. Once you grasp someones attention and they like what they see, they will follow or subscribe to you. Consistency is also key🔑. Again, nothing happens overnight. Everything good takes time. You have to post consistently and it is important to use hashtags that relate to what your post and niche are about, like that you can be found easier. Hashtags make it easier for your profile to be found; for example, if you are a business or marketing account on Instagram you should use hashtags like #smm or #digitalmarketing , because other people who are looking for digital marketing content are out there looking, and when you use the proper hashtags you will be found by your ideal audience.

⭐️Getting Your Audience to KNOW you

Now to differentiate yourself from the other affiliate marketers, you want to build a relationship with your following. You want your followers to know who you are, your values and what your profile will be about. When you post consistently and make posts about yourself and the content based on your niche you are setting a foundation for what your audience will be expecting from you.

⭐️Getting your audience to LIKE you

Because there may be a lot of people focusing on the same niche as you doesn’t mean you will not succeed. Every market has thousands of people forming businesses each day but the market will never be saturated and there is never a reason to think that you can not start something and be successful at it because there “are a lot of other people doing it.” Do you know how many food chains are out there and are successful? Do you know how many beauty influencers are out there and are making a ton of money from sharing their makeup techniques and tutorials? A LOT. What makes them successful is that even though they may all be in the same market, everyone is different and unique in their own way.

Be sure you stand out on your social media platforms by doings cool posts that are unique and just be yourself. I have found that people love raw content, be authentic and just be you. People like when you are real and seem like a “person” and not just a robot behind the camera. It makes your followers feel like you are just like them and they relate more with you. By being you, you build stronger relationships with your audience. Also be sure to take time to respond to your followers and answer any questions they may have; this definitely builds a strong connection and bond between you and your followers.

I think it is pretty neat that you can win the hearts of those you have never met before. It is truly a rewarding feeling knowing that there are people I have never met but support me so much just because I have built relationships with them, delivered them value, made conversations with them through my posts and by just being 100% me!

⭐️Getting your audience to TRUST you

Once you deliver your audience with consistent content that is valuable and build relationships with them, when adding your affiliate links beneath your YouTube descriptions, Instagram posts and IGTV videos you will get a huge return and will see an abundance of people purchasing from your links because they trust you and your word. Affiliate Marketing is all about winning the trust of your audience, because without trust you will never get anyone to believe in your recommendation. It is also important to only recommend products or services that you truly believe in. This ties into trust as well because you never want to promote a product that you don’t believe in or never used because:

  1. It will show in the way you recommend the product and it won’t sound convincing

  2. If your followers buy the product you recommend and it isn’t good or is not at all like what you said they will not believe or trust in what you say or recommend again; they will just think you’re recommending the product to make money which is not good at all!!!

Be sure to be passionate and like the products or services you recommend, you do not want to be known as a lier or just someone who is “trying to make $$” you will not win the trust from your followers and you may not even make any sales since people will not trust you.

Just Begin

It all starts when you do ,so just begin.

There is never a right time to start. You want to make sure that you start now since affiliate marketing takes time to see results. You will never grow your audience if you don’t start now and post consistently, you will never be successful in anything you do if you don’t begin.

I hope that this blog helped you gain insight on affiliate marketing and I truly believe that everyone has what it takes to do anything they put their mind to. Always remember that consistency is key. I wish all of you the most luck on your journeys. I am here to guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions on affiliate marketing, be sure to reach out to me on my social media platforms and send me a message. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I post valuable content that pertains to business and entrepreneurship. Let’s all be our own bosses, here’s to passive income and freedom!

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