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Accutane Side Effects & What to expect!

Thinking of going on accutane? I highly recommend taking a look at some major side effects you may experience while on accutane, prior to taking this medication.

I have listed and included pictures of my side effects that I experienced while I was on my accutane course. I want to state that everyone is different and may react differently to the medication. This could mean you may not have the reactions I had or you could have more than I did. Everyone is different.

After taking the first pill of accutane, I remember waking up the next morning and having cotton mouth; my throat was so dry and my lips seemed to have lost the moisture it once had.

As stated in my previous blog, Accutane or (isotretinoin) is an oral form of vitamin A. It is a very powerful medication that reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin, and helps your skin renew itself quickly. Accutane is used to treat nodular or cystic acne.

Accutane reduces the amount of oil released, you become dry from head to toe. LITERALLY…

Side effects I experienced:

Dry Lips

Dry lips was a side effect that lasted throughout my whole course and still till this day. I tried pretty much every chapstick and lip remedy by nothing tops the Aquaphor lip repair. This lip repair from Aquaphor helped hydrate and keep my lips protected throughout my course of accutane. It is what I recommend to anyone who will start accutane.

TIP: be sure to have extra lip hydrators on hand..& I mean have numerous aquaphor everywhere in case you lost one, forgot one or could not find one. This is to help you in advance because the feeling of dry, painful lips is the worst. On top of it being dry and burning, your lips will begin to crack, slits in the corners of your lips appear which BURNS and you may bleed. (Happened to me so I would know.) It was the worst!!!

Dry Hair:

Your scalp will become dry as well. You may develop itchy scalp, dandruff and brittle hair. I experienced all of these side effects as well as thinning of my hair and hair loss. Every time I brush my hair I shed like a freaking dog. It's insane. I recommend using ultra moisturizing shampoo and conditioners, deep treatments and reduce the heat you use on your hair.

I also heard an onion mask and soaking your scalp with onions helps prevent and reduces hair loss.

Dry eyes & Blurred vision:

Prior to going on accutane I did not have perfect vision. I used glasses to read anything up close. During my course my vision became super blurry which sucked. Why? Not only couldn’t I see right, I also couldn’t go to the eye doctor to get glasses because my dermatologist said it is better to wait until after my course was finished to see if my eyesight would go back to normal. It didn’t. Which is why I now have to wear glasses for everything!

I highly recommend using eye drops to add moisture to your eyes throughout the day; especially if you work on the computer like I do.

Nose bleeds:

I never had nose bleeds until I went on accutane. It wasn’t until my dosage went up to 80mg and 120mg that I began to experience a really dry nose and rawness inside of my nostrils. I would wake up and feel pressure. When I blew my nose, I would bleed. It was terrible!

To help aid this pain and discomfort, I highly recommend using a saline nasal spray and applying aquaphor ointment with a cu-tip to coat the inside of your nose.


I also developed mini rashes on my body. Places like my hand, near the crease of my arm and behind my knee. I would get them randomly but they stung, itched and burned like crazy.

What helped me was applying ice to the area where it stung, and then applying lotion. The lotion I used what eucerin.

Headaches, Joint Pain & Back aches:

Lastly, I would get terrible headaches. I believe it is from my body being dry and not drinking enough water. Also from straining my eyes.

I recommend reducing your screen time and making sure you drink lots of water since your body is barely producing any oils. It is important to hydrate, hydrate & hydrate!

I also stopped working out because my body could not take the pain and discomfort I was in. I developed bad back pain which I still struggle with now. ( I am only 21 years old, I can only imagine how bad my back will be when I get older.)

The worst is my joint pain. Sitting criss cross apple sauce & when I cross my legs, make my legs hurt. Whenever I sit in any of those positions I always have to massage the area out because the pain is too much.

These are all of the side effects I had during my course. It was definitely a struggle but clear skin was the goal. These side effects are why my course was only 5 months, I could not continue after my fifth month as my side effects were too strong.

I hope this helps a lot of you and answers your questions. If I knew this before going on my course it would have been 10x easier for me to get by, which is why I hope I am able to get you prepared if you decide to start your accutane journey.

I will be posting a lot more accutane videos and blogs so stay tuned. Xoxo

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